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New Cobalt Wine Website


I am happy to announce we have a new Cobalt Wine Website!   Please visit our new site at CobaltWine.com. You will find our new site user friendly. It will make your wine ordering easier and simpler. There are pictures of all our wine offerings along with our special wood gift boxes. Please let us know your thoughts and suggestions.

We have about four weeks left of cool weather. If you are going to need wine through the summer, I suggest you order now before it gets so hot and it is unsafe to ship.

The 07 and the 08's are coming into their own and drinking well. Look for the release  of our Cobalt 2010 this fall. From all indications, the 2010 Cobalt Carbernet Sauvignon will be another outstanding Vintage!

Best wishes for the Summer Boating Season!


Pack St. Clair