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2009 Vintage Released


We are getting ready to bottle our 2010 vintage Cobalt Wine and even though this is our 5th vintage bottling, it is still exciting to Jill and me. It is the same excitement as the introduction of a new model year of Cobalt Boats. This fall we are introducing the new Cobalt Boat model year for the 44th year. There are so many similarities with the excitement of the new boat models and the new wine vintages, with the pressure to always improve your product over the previous year. The 2010 vintage will be bottled soon, but will age one more year before we sell the first bottle. To make the absolute best wine, we elect to age one year longer than most wine makers.

The good news is after aging in the oak barrels for 2 years and one year in the bottles, we are introducing the 2009 Cobalt Wine. In the words of our wine maker, “the 2009 vintage had a long, steady growing season on top of Spring Mountain which provided charm, balance and aromatics galore for our 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon.” The color is dark ruby-red with a violet rim and the aromatics of cherry, sage, cinnamon, clove and shortbread soar out of the glass. The palate is rich, concentrated and serious, showing its mountain soul with fine tannins framing the intense flavors of dark chocolate and black cherry. The finish echoes the aromatics and flavors with gorgeous length and a lingering sense of richness.

Thank you so much for your continued loyal support of our Cobalt Wine. The 2009 Cobalt Cabernet Sauvignon is now ready to ship and I hope you enjoy it.



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